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NRC-M is a UGC-funded Centre hosted at the Department of Materials Engineering, IISc, to promote collaboration with Indian academic institutions in materials science and engineering. [ More ...]

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School on Mineral Biotechnology

14-18 December 2009

Sponsored by
Department of Science and Technology

UGC Networking Resource Centre for Materials
Department of Materials Engineering
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore 560 012.

Download the Brochure for more details.

About the School

8 September 2009

For more details about the School, and about how to apply, please consult the Brochure.

Mineral biotechnology deals with use of mining microorganisms in several metal extraction and environmental control processes. There are two major areas in which biological systems are currently utilized by the mining industry: metal extraction (biomining) and treatment of acid mine drainage (bioremediation). Biomining is currently used successfully for the commercial scale recovery of metals such as copper, gold, uranium and cobalt, and many other applications have been piloted. Mineral biotechnology thus has the potential for a major technological breakthrough for the metals and minerals industry.


The primary objective is to build awareness and competence in the country in the area of mineral biotechnology.

The School is focused on two aspects: (i) Bioleaching and (ii) Bioremediation.

Who should attend?

The School encourages participation of faculty from academic institutions, young scientists from various research institutions and research students in their early stages of research in Environmental Biotechnology. Participants from departments or working the areas of Metallurgy, Mineral Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Biological Sciences, Chemistry and Earth Sciences are encouraged to attend.

School Coordinators:

Prof. K. A. Natarajan (Coordinator)
Prof. S. Subramanian (Co-coordinator)

Department of Materials Engineering
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore 560 012.


The Brochure for the School on Mineral Biotechnology is available here.