KC65: Metastable Microstructures and Electron Microscopy

Prof. Chattopadhyay (or KC as we fondly know him) turned 65 years old on 26th February 2015. As per rules, he superannuated from the institute. This was a moment for all of us to briefly pause and reflect on his long journey. To commemorate the occasion, his former students organised a two day symposium titled Metastable Microstructures and Electron Microscopy on 5th & 6th July 2015 in Indian Institute of Science Bangalore. As his friends and colleagues descended in Bangalore, each of them had many anecdotes and experiences to share thus making this occasion a memorable one for him and us. Though primary organizers of the event were Prof. N. Ravishankar, Prof. K. Biswas and Prof. G. Phanikumar, other former and current students actively participated in the event.

The current members of the lab prepared a video titled "a Metallurgist's Diary" encompassing KC's journey from REC Durgapur to IISc Bangalore and all the wonderfull people he has met on the way:

On this occasion, KC penned down the following lines to express his feelings and gratitude:

A note to thank and move ahead
Call it a milestone or a time to thank
Warmth of friendship and time we have spent
Streams of new faces, the amazing excitements
Bridges we have made through the distant lands.

Mile stone it is, a time for pause
Momentary may be from a traveller’s chores
Past we reflect with filtered memory
Nuggets we have mined to keep in treasury.

As I look around, rays have become soft
A tilted sun and it’s warm glow
Paths ahead still beckoning dreams
Travellers we are and end not in sight.
Milestones galore like a Chinese wall
And still a while for a setting sun
To spread the colour and welcoming the stars.

A time to thank
and rejuvenate the dream
Traveller we are
exploring new lands and streams
-Best wishes
K. Chattopadhyay

    Some photographs from the event:

    Technical sessions


    Opening remarks by Prof. Ravishankar

    Opening remarks by Prof. A M Umarji

    Prof. S Ranganathan giving a talk

    Session chair Prof. Vikram Jayaram

    Dr. S Banerjee giving a talk

    Prof. H Fraser giving a talk

    Prof. K Aoki giving a talk

    Prof. B Cantor giving a talk

    Session chair Prof. Dipankar Banerjee

    Dr. G K Dey giving a talk

    Session chair, Prof. G Phanikumar

    Prof. B S Murty giving a talk on behalf of Prof. C Dong

    Prof. I Manna giving a talk

    Session chair, Prof. Krishanu Biswas

    Prof. W T Kim giving a talk

    Prof. D H Kim giving a talk

    Closing remarks by Prof. Ravishankar


      Prof. S Lele talking about his association with KC

      Prof. B Cantor talking about his first meeting with KC and Prof. P Ramchandrarao

      Prof. D H Kim

      Prof. H Fraser

      Prof. P Dutta

      Dr. B Majumdar

      Prof. S Ranganathan

      Dr. S Banerjee

      Prof. P K Das

      Mr. S C Sharma

      Prof. S Ramakrishnan

      Dr. D Srinivasan singing along with current students a jingle she composed for KC

      KC addressing the gathering

      Mr. S C sharma presenting a memento to KC

      A gift to KC from current lab members

      Prof. P Dutta presenting a memento to KC on behalf of ICER

      KC along with his former and current students

      KC with his long time collaborators and friends

      L to R: Prof. D H Kim, Prof. A P Tsai, Prof. W T Kim, Prof. B Cantor, Prof. K Aoki, Mrs. Sukanya Cahttopadhyay, KC, Prof S Ranganathan, Dr. S Banerjee