·       Development of small scale techniques for deformation, creep and fracture of coatings and high temperature systems

·       Bending creep of cantilevers and their application to residual life assessment in steam and gas turbine materials

·       Fracture in bond coats based on Pt-Ni-Al under monotonic and cyclic loading

·        Fracture in thermal barrier coatings


COURSE DEVELOPMENT (* currently offered)


·       *Fracture

·       *Introduction to Materials Science & Engineering

·       Mechanical properties of thin films and interfaces

·       Phase diagrams, free energy curves, diffusion

·       Engineering ceramics

·       Principles of ceramics, bonding, defects, electrical properties, diffusion

·       Powder processing

·       X-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscopy (theory)

·        Scanning and transmission electron microscopy laboratory




·       Tribology of Al and Mg-alloy based composites

·       Processing of refractory TiZr based boride / carbide ceramics by reactive hot pressing

·       Synthesis, densification, deformation and nanocrystallization of metastable oxides from solution precursors

·       Fabrication of thin oxide films by combustion spray pyrolysis

·        Processing of ceramic-metal composites by infiltration methods




·       §Small scale creep testing for life assessment of steam turbine materials (BHEL-Imprint)

·       Development of alumina-silicon carbide aluminium composites for applications in microwave absorbers, mechanical seals and armour (Grindwell-Norton)

·      Development of hot pressed silicon carbide whisker-reinforced alumina for cutting tools (Widia-India)

·      Development of Al-SiC composites with controlled thermal expansion coefficients for microwave integrated circuit packaging (Indian Space Research Organisation)

·       Coatings for wear resistance and low friction in automotive applications (TVS Motors)

·       Mechanical properties of TiN and Ni-B (Multi-Arc-India)

·       Characterisation of tribological layers in Al-Si alloys (General Motors)