Upcoming events Research in the group focusses mainly in developing multiphase polymer microstructures by melt flow   processes and in understanding the structure-property correlation in multiphasic systems. The group is   also actively involved in directed self assembly of nanoparticles using phase separation in polymer blends  as a template. This is an exciting area from both fundamental aspects and product design.   Other areas of our interest: Tailoring macromolecules by ATRP/RAFT  Nanoparticles with tethered polymer brush  Surface initiated polymerization on nanoparticles  Understanding concentration fluctuations and segmental dynamics in polymer blends  Crystallization induced phase separation in polymer blends  Carbon fiber reinforced epoxy  Structure     Processing φ T T PPS Asia Australasia Regional Meeting 2013, Dec 4-7, 2013, www.pps2013mumbai.com Open positions Applications are invited for project assistant/associate positions. Minimum Qualification: M.Sc (Organic Chemistry), M.Sc (Polymer Chemistry)